Interior Futures

Submissions are closed

Projects which address issues of future spaces and possibilities, including responses to political, economic and social shifts and challenges (such as responses to, or reconsideration of, spaces such as housing, the workplace, retail, health and learning environments; equally, the innovative use of space or rethinking a familiar space with an unfamiliar purpose).

Who are the Awards for?

IE 2022 Awards is seeking submissions from progressing or completing students on an undergraduate programme.

Who is submitting?

Studio Tutors with Programme Leaders will agree nominations for each category and once the work is made-ready by the selected student, it is the Tutor and/or the Programme Leader to upload the work to IE via the Interior Educators website. Links to be provided in due course.

How many submissions for each Programme?

Progressing Students
One submission each for categories 1 to 5 (which excludes the Writing Award, for completing students only). Each programme may submit a maximum of 5 submissions for progressing students in total.

Completing Students
A maximum of three submissions for each category 1 to 6. Each programme may submit a maximum of 18 submissions in total.

BUT: the same work can be submitted for a maximum of 2 categories.

Submission Formats
- one single file, max. of 5 pages, A2 landscape, 300 dpi, PDF, max. of 15 Megabytes (MB).
- separately, 1 key image A4 landscape, 300 dpi, Jpeg.
- If you have any audio visual material, please embed a ‘live’ link to the file(s) and a QR code, in the pdf.
Files can include student names but no institution name/logo at all (if it does, will be disqualified)
Files need to be carefully named as per the next paragraph 'Naming of the submitted files'.

Naming of the submitted files
As per last year's edition, we will provide in due course a spreadsheet with unique institutions numbers and instructions on how to set a code for each submission/category.

When do we need to submit by?
Categories 1-5, submission deadline June 10th 2022 at 23:00 UK time
Writing Award - submission deadline June 1st 2022 at 23:00 UK time

Submissions have closed 2 weeks ago