Aims and Status






Interior Educators strongly denounce racism and inequality of opportunity in any form and fully support BLM in upholding the principles of equality, diversity, progression and access to our subject.

As educators, to address these issues we pledge to:

  1. Adopt and implement a plan of action to understand and eliminate all forms of unconscious bias, in recruitment, assessment, and progression of students and staff.
  2. Support educators to de-colonise the curriculum, develop a plurality of references, sources, and comparative historical and theoretical propositions in order that students may see themselves reflected in cultural, historical and contemporary contributions to the subject.
  3. Provide and create specific space for cultural diversity, through IE publications and at IE events, for the promotion of design from around the globe to encompass design, history and culture.
  4. Take action on the monitoring of BAME students’ access to courses, and the attainment metrics achieved within the subject, to implement a plan of action to ensure parity of experience and outcome.
  5. Act to encourage the recruitment of Black and diversity base staffing in order to evidence an aspirational and inclusive learning environment.
  6. Provide, publicise and implement an ongoing action plan to widen access to the profession, by promotion to schools and colleges through industry engagement, events, and outreach at all levels.