Issue 2: Making - Publication date: April 2018

Issue 2 - Making

Making is a thread that runs through the design process. It can be generative and experimental, investigative and analytical, or be descriptive and communicate intent. Through making we explore relationships between people, objects, materials and interior spaces. Without it, there would be no interiors at all, and our understanding and communication of making is intimately expressed in the final outcome.

The second edition of IE:Studio will celebrate the process of making. Building on the themes and questions generated by ‘Edges’, papers will focus on the physical (three dimensional) aspect of making and the function, value and the potential of making in the design education process.  

This future issue will examine:

  • The synthesis/integration of physical making with the intellectual/speculative/drawings-based method of the design process; and the sequence in which these occur;
  • The historical trajectory of the knowledge of making, of apprentices to master maker; and contradictions or tensions within our current understanding of making;
  • The rise of making as a knowledge-generating research activity in its own right;
  • Student perceptions of making, the tension between investigative and representative making, and the idea of completion/perfection;
  • The validity or otherwise of the design education studio mimicking practice;
  • Role of making knowledge as currency in profession (i.e. generating respect or appreciation between the roles of designer and maker) or as a shared language;
  • The role and implications of craft in the 21st century studio, and the relative roles of analogue and digital production
  • Why making matters and how it is (or should be) presented to students.

Publication is scheduled for 30 April 2018.