Additional awards for final year students

Submissions are now closed

Submissions close at 5pm on Friday 10th July 2020

Additional awards for final year students in the following categories:

These awards are open to all IE member programmes. Entry requires respective Programme Leaders to nominate and upload each entry as 1 pdf with up to 3 pages - it will be reviewed online so paper size doesn’t matter.

The file should be named: nameoftheawardY3-studentsurname-uni.pdf (eg, bestSketchY3-Pink-mdx.pdf).
Files should be uploaded as PDFs, with a maximum file size of 12mb. 

  • best sketch or exploratory drawings
  • best maquette or exploratory models
  • best orthographic drawings
  • most resolved material innovation
  • best short film (to be judged via youtube link or similar)
  • best live project (external facing/collaboration/competition

One nomination per programme for each category

Submissions have closed 2 months ago