Writtle College, University of Essex

BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design

About the course

Programmes philosophy

The Honours Degrees in Interior Architecture and Interior Design at Writtle School of Design (WSD) are taught in parallel, offering students the opportunity to participate in creative platforms for the development, exchange and testing of ideas and concepts appropriate to the multidisciplinary nature of projects in the creative design industries.

Both courses are structured in five strands: design, theory, practice, technology and communication, each addressing and equipping students with the relevant and appropriate skills required by the contemporary professional, social and cultural context. The Interiors scheme has recently been revised under a Periodic Scheme Review; the two pathways will now merge into a BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design. The revised course will allow for greater flexibility of the curriculum content and freedom to address design project of ranging scale, detail and context responsive to student interests and needs. The programme will run from September 2013.

Study at Writtle embraces the interdisciplinary character of the School of Design, allowing students to develop conceptual, technical, theoretical and professional skills alongside Art & Design and Landscape disciplines. Students are taught in the design studio, immersed in a culture that values and encourages collaboration, innovation, engagement with professional practice and mutual respect.

Our extensive facilities, complimenting art & design in the environment and our close proximity to London help reinforce students’ exposure to diverse social and cultural contexts. Annual study trips, contribute to the learning experience. A variety of career paths can be chosen after the completion course, primarily within practice of architecture, interior architecture or interior design. Alternative career paths include: design for theatre, film, exhibition or retail; lighting design; product or graphic design; architectural technology or visualisation. Some students choose to progress to an appropriate Master Programme.