University Campus Suffolk

BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design

About the course

Studying architecture as the essential human dwelling and developing strong design capabilities lie at the core of the course. It encourages exploration of the discipline’s role in society and provides the skills necessary for students to go into practice as socially responsible interior architectural designers. The course covers a range of practices including: sketching, technical drawing, model making, computer aided design and digital imaging. It also involves theoretical awareness, historical knowledge, critical thinking and professional communication.

The course modules operate through five different strands: Creation, Explanation, Production, Representation and Performance. The first year introduces the principles and fundamental skills necessary to experiment and develop as an interior architect by triggering, experimenting and developing architectural imagination. The second year encourages exploration in a broader range of disciplines, developing structural and environmental understanding of the principles and contexts involved. Finally the third year provides the freedom and responsibility for students to pursuetheir own individual directions through generating design proposals that develop into a professional portfolio of work.

Project based work forms the basis of the teaching approach, encouraging students to engage with creative challenges and develop exciting and innovative designs. Workshop based modules encourage the immediate engagement of students with the hands-on technical activities required for the practice of interior architectural design. Modules exploring theory and history support and inform the studio activities in a way that stimulates reflective practice.

Students are encouraged to investigate all areas of the interior architecture and design industries in order to contextualise study and consider future careers. Graduates from the course are versatile and prepared professionals with both specialised and transferable skills expected from an interior architectural designer. A range of paths within the design and building industry can be considered. Alternatively students can progress to related postgraduate level studies.