UCA Farnham

Exhibiting at Re-Define 2021

BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design

About the course

One of the most established courses in the country, the BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design course is located in Farnham ‘Craft Town’ and sits within The School of Crafts & Design the only school of crafts in the UK and not only utilises the specialist craft workshop resources for glass, ceramic, metal, timber, plastic, resin and textile but forges a dynamic and co-collaboration learning environment within the school. Central to the student experience is a focus on making in context and a haptic philosophy and appreciation towards materials.

The industry facing nature of the programme provides an authentic interior design learning experience, which replicates what happens in practice. Working directly with the local community, industry and businesses, students get the opportunity to develop their skills through live projects and design partnerships woven into the structure of the curriculum. The projects set are a ‘real’ rather than a rehearsal of what is to come in practice.

The course has unique industry partnerships with leading design agencies. Working in their studios our students get the opportunity to work closely with their designers and directors. We see the role of the selected group of leading British design agencies, is to expose our students to the best in creative agency thinking, showing the role of design in a commercial and creative context from a range of design sectors.