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BA (Hons) Interior Design

About the course

Interior Design at GSA involves the imagining of stimulating environments in specific contexts, often within existing buildings. In proposing fresh ways people might use a building a skilled interior designer is able to creatively embrace the constraints of brief and context, engaging in a dialogue between existing architectural form and contemporary approaches to the organisation, detailing, and decoration of a space. We embrace digital methods of representation, 3D-printing and immersive virtual-imaging as integral and rapid tools for the communication, development and production of design, an simultaneously investigate more corporeal concerns such as the narrative properties of materials, the physical qualities of site, and the time-based occupation of place. We offer the opportunity to prepare for the increasingly distinct and challenging world of professional interior design and encourage critical thinking and the clear and imaginative communication of ideas. Creativity is developed through sustained involvement with the design process via a broad arc of diverse projects, supportive and diagnostic tutorial discussion, and reviews with informed audiences of staff and student peers from within the specialist area, from other design disciplines and from external expert partners. This comprehensive exposure to the breadth of the discipline provides a foundation from which students are able to self-direct and finely-tune their particular interests, and hone both practical and intellectual skills, in preparation for future situations where the need for bold, conceptual thinking is of increasing importance.