Oxford Brookes University

Exhibiting at Re-Define 2021

BA (Hons) Interior Architecture

About the course

Introduced in 2002, Interior Architecture at Oxford Brookes University aims to expand and enrich the range of design courses offered by the School of Architecture. Its main objective is to encourage students to understand the importance of the design of meaningful and inspirational architectural space at all scales, from large buildings to small details, in response to the wellbeing and satisfaction of the end-users. To this end, the programme shifts the focus from the 'object' of the architecture - the building -, to the 'subject' - the occupant - and thus places a specific emphasis on how people’s movement, visual interferences, rituals and mode of occupation does influence the creation and the experience of built environments. Interior Architecture forges its own unique blend of professional competences which aim to give students control over the notion of dimension and human scale, ergonomic requirements, manufacture processes and visual imagery. To convey effectively objective (technical) and subjective (perceptive) information about their design proposals, Interior Architecture students are encouraged to re-define conventional methods of representation of space, experimenting with a range of new media and techniques.