Institute of Technology, Sligo

BA in Interior Architecture and Design; BA (Hons) in Interior Architecture and Design

About the course

Interior Architecture and Design explores the interaction between people and the spaces they inhabit. It focuses on the process of manipulation of existing and creation of new spaces, where the architectural forms, environmental impacts and psychological and cognitive components of space are considered. 

Our Interior Architecture and Design programme focuses an environmentally conscious approach to the re-use, re-imagination and innovative re-invention of the existing built environment. We challenge students to offer imaginative responses to spatial problems, which cut across architectural aspects of place, cultural and built heritage and recognise the design needs and identity of clients.

Through interactions with live clients, sites and diverse design projects our students learn to position urgent stories in a coherent spatial and sociological narrative. Memory, identity and sense of place along with the intrinsic qualities of community and culture are explored and often juxtaposed with the global context, to inspire resonant, sensitive and rich design projects. 

We also offer a one-year add-on Level 8 BA Honours in Interior Architecture and Design degree. The focus of both semesters is a (year-long) Thesis Design Project of the student’s choice that consolidates and showcases their design skills. In supporting modules, students strengthen their professional knowledge, explore their interests, and refine their graduate portfolio in preparation for practice - delivered concurrently to students both on-campus and online, with options of full time or part time.
For more information on add-on programme please contact - Elaine Regan.