UCA Farnham

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Each year in level 6 we focus on a study theme for ‘Final Major Project’ and ‘Dissertation’, you will see from this exhibition that this has generated a wide range of projects that share common ground and connections but have diverse forms of occupancy, use and final design outcomes. This year’s study theme is ‘Migration’.

Migration has never before been such a fiercely debated contemporary issue. In the west, anti-immigration sentiment is on the rise and has led to Brexit, the election of Donald Trump in the US and Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil. The location for Major Project briefs this year are in Brick Lane, which has attracted immigrants for over 400 years including the Huguenot, Irish, Jews and latterly Bangladeshi populations. This part of East London, that year 3’s have been analysing, contains the city’s most diverse overlay of migrant activity.

This year the fascinating topic of migration has been at heart of our design conversations and has stimulated interior proposals and narratives that have explored who we are, how we got here and where we are going next. This exhibition has migrated from UCA Farnham back to Brick Lane.

Gabriella Evans - Anderson
Atefeh Farokhian - Dream Weaver
Britney Piggott - Learning a language through theatrical play
Emily Sabine - Re-Stitch
Gabriella Evans - The Impact of War
Holly Hammond - Drawing the Darkness
Jessica Liu - The Unheard Story
Shurrun Birdi - Infusions