The Glasgow School of Art

Exhibiting at Re-Define 2021 @

The programme at The Glasgow School of Art explores the interior in its myriad forms. At this years Summer Show interiors defined by students are located in historic buildings, in condemned buildings, underground, in vacant vaults, in the backcourt, in the forest and in the spectral vessels of the city. Here you will find gardens and farms; places to play and think and make; places to heal, talk and share; places to grieve and places of refuge.

Ballantyne Ruth, Watergaw A Brain Injury Recovery Centre
Brosz Paulina, Hunt for Art
Butkevicius Caitlin, The Medium of The Mind
Grieve Christian, Our Dear Green Space
Jacquet Christina, Bridge Street Co-operative
Jamieson Louisa, Dale House, Art Gallery and Studios
Jochim Urszula, Bold
Jozepa Alise, Vertical Farm
Kerr Lucy, The Storage Theatre
Kwon Yeeun, MandM School
Morrison Mia, Designing for a better future
Ndebele Nomsa, +eĢˆLEVEIT
Orr Blise, Exhausting a place in Dalmarnock
Phillips Windsor, Mantic
Strang Rebecca, Untitled
Sukhaggananda Nattanuch, Pendulum
Tasai Panuwat, LGBTQ Velvet Light Museum
Vanseviciute Greta, ARKA
Vidal Grigol Camila, MESCLA
Walker Kate, Studio Dwell
Wright Christopher Jan, The Seed Bank Project