Sheffield Hallam University

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Narratives of Space

Interior Architecture and Design students have explored the cultural legacy of industrial structures in the heart of Sheffield. The projects were all individually driven through a rich contextual understanding of their environments and the city’s steel heritage, with the River Don forming an idyllic setting to these buildings and student interventions.
During the first semester, projects where framed around a ‘gastronomical experience’ in the city. Students began the journey by observing a series of gastronomical encounters which they represented and interpreted through drawings to create a sequence of fascinating narratives around the journey through to the final serving experience.

The final project of the year embraced an individual approach to ‘culture’ and ‘exchange’ in response to the ever-increasing obsession with ‘Brexit’.  Students had the opportunity to reflect upon and explore their own cultural narrative against the back-drop of a turbulent political and economic climate, in which language and culture has expanded through the ‘free’ movement of people. It has been a year of cultural diversity with students exploring themes in response to theories and ideas around culture, trade and identity. From this, students have produced engaging projects around health care, social housing, heritage and the ageing population.

Christine Chiriseri - Church
Emily Renwick - Kelham Island
Esther Anderson - Maggie Centre
Holly Brookes - Six Sense Spa
Ilkay Tek - Naked Theatre
Isobel Locke - The Bungalow
Lauren Nicholson - Water
Rebecca Thorpe - The Marquess of Rockingham
Rosie O'Donnell - The Loft
Shiobhan Keighley - The Sustainability Hub
Daisy Sutton - St. Peter’s Pool
Ella Heywood - FLUID SOUNDS
Emily Bradbury - The Aita Space
Emily Olphert
Lauren Hopkinson - THE SLEEP & STUDY CENTRE
Megan Woodier - PROTHISIUM
Michael Khor - ARTSYLUM
Oliver Curran - THE CLOSET