Regent’s University London

Exhibiting at Re-Define 2021 @

Traveller’s Tales

This year’s final Interior Design students explored the notion of journey through a series of design projects. Using the Regent’s Canal as their navigation system, they travelled East from Regent’s University, capturing, distilling and recording the qualities and beauty of this 13.2km long hidden waterway, collecting fragments of history, social and urban meaning, and creating bold and beautiful interventions on their journey.

In the first term students worked with the London Canal Museum to re-think, re-organise and re-invent their Wunderkammer of memorabilia, historical knowledge and information.
Whilst the Canal Museum projects focussed on ideas of movement and temporality, the students final project, displayed in this exhibition, considered concepts of arrival, destination, the end of the journey, a place to rest and dream and listen to the traveller’s tales.

The site is Holborn Studios, a complex of warehouses with a colourful history of movies and film making. Each building programme has been developed by the students around the themes of Accommodate & Activate, and based on research into the site, the wider social or historic context or topics explored in their dissertations. The result is a plethora of design proposal, each one reflecting and completing the student’s personal journeys through the course.

Alena Covey - BraveSpace
Aly El Naggar - Green House
Mahsa Rastegar Saadi - The Happy Place
Martina Bazzoni - The Glitch
Mia Tsujimura Hjaere - Waste lab of the future
Olga Donica - Craft on walkways
Rohit Chavda - Creative Healing