The CASS, London Metropolitan University

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The studios comprise of both 2nd and 3rd years and can have a mix of the three courses. Interior Architecture and Design, Interior Design and Interior Design and Decoration.

Studio 2

State of Independence looked at what should a Civic Centre be today? What is community space in this specific era. Many of the traditional Town Halls are redundant, such as Stoke Newington Town Hall once a beautiful example of an Art Deco building of stately proportions, now lies empty. The students designed interior spaces for the community focusing on gatherings that engage and convey a sense of belonging bringing the building back in the heart of the neighbourhood. Whilst also designing work space for a music magazine called the Wire providing a business case that shares the space between the community and commercial enterprise which would support upkeep of the building.

Annabelle Ronnenberg
Ariane Erlicher
Catherine Zaluski
Charlotte Ponting
Manon Gabet
Paula Hinderer
Will Turner
Zora Krakan

Studio 3

Portrait D’Interieurs worked within the Ragged School in Mile End, once a warehouse, then a Barnardo’s school for under privileged children and now features a museum of Victorian schooling. The students explored the life and character of a person and through designing a series of rooms, imagined and projected both the emotional and observed sense of their lives through materials, light and structures. 

Billie Mae Ukairo
Ramez Tarighi

Studio 4

Studio 4 worked with the Bussy building in Peckham using La Frische in Marseille as a leading precedent. The Bussy was once a busy manufacturing base making cricket bats and Tennis rackets but for years was left empty until the community in Peckham started to realise its possibilities for the future. The brief Im/permeable suggests that many schemes can go un noticed or unseen and asks how the community understands that the building is both designed for and to be used by them. 

Jakob Austmeyer
Kat Loizou

Studio 5

Studio 5, Who is Britain, chose to work with Cecil Sharpe House, home to the English folk dance and song society in Camden. Through selecting a type of subculture the students investigated their behaviours, customs, rituals, traditions, myths and folk lore to generate a new type of space, specific and detailed to their practice and needs.

Agata Kaczorowska
Andeigh McDougall
Anna Blom
Julianne Sandvik
Kamelia Ruseva
Sofia Carlsson
Yuan Niu