Kingston University London

Exhibiting at Re-Define 2021 @

Time Material Meaning: Exploring the Life Cycle of Place in Shadwell

Being a global citizen is dependent upon our ability to produce and consume the world locally. But how can this be achieved sustainably?  

We are agents of change and our built environment is in a constant state of renewal. Each new generation of designers is tasked with evaluating and reinventing our built inheritance, to recast what is there in response to what we need and desire. 

We recycle buildings. Built fabric can be cut, harvested and creatively repurposed. New activities and ‘curated economies’ can resuscitate the undervalued, creating new opportunities for us to produce, trade and exchange things and ideas. 

We create situations that resonate and shape contemporary culture, exploring how closed loop systems can enable temporary environments to exploit the creative freedoms of the short lived. 

We design new interventions that reinterpret the narrative of a place, providing moments of sanctuary and stimulation. Crafted to endure whilst anticipating future adaptation.

Alice Ballard
Alicia Rodriguez Wright
Amali Abeyewardena
Amanda Humphrey
Baina Badmaeva
Baixue Miao
Chiara Mahesu
Emma Maidment-Dunnett
Eve Atkins
Jessika Kairouz
Kristina Jefremova
Margherita Gianni
Matilde Menezes
Nichakarn Manipanti
Xinning Li
Zuzia Zielinska